We started the Quantum State psytrance project in 1999, one month before the Solipse festival. In the begining we were three of us; emx, mivan and raven and we produced mainly goatrance with arabic melodies. The production was based on a midi studio with lots of hardware instruments.

One and a half year later, after performing lots of live acts at some nice parties and recording four tracks at a studio raven has left the project. We started everything from the zero, built up a new studio, and design the new working process; we changed the midi studio to a PC based system. We soon turned into the hard and dark psychedelic trance and started to produce more groove orientated brainwashing tracks.

The first year were spent to building up a live set which makes people go crazy every time:) Some tracks of it were released by the biggest Hungarian electronical music magazin [www.freee.hu]

A lot of our tracks were spreaded in mp3 all over the world which has the benefit of being booked to some nice parties all over Europe.

After turning into some dark full on psychedelic trance Matt BooM! contacted us and booked to his party in Amsterdam. There we got contracted to BooM! records and a year later we released our first official album.

In 2002 we had „Turbulenz” came out on Vibraspirit 23 on Sundance Records, „Q Generation” on Ice-O-Lator by BooM! Records, Cycocinema – 7track LP selfreleased album, just in Hungary.
2003.: „Subatomic Travellers” album by Boom! Records, „Piss U Off remix 2003” on The Psytrance of Hungary [VA].

After releasing some material we still taking ourselves as a live act, because our strongest point is the live performance. We use synthetisers, effects, giutars, drums while playing live and it became a psychedelic show….